Les Automates Musiciens

Les Automates Musiciens

Answer the call of the rural guard and enjoy our “Automates Musiciens” musical interlude!

Several times a day, the “Bourg 1900” springs to life and the rural guard makes his call: "Oyez, oyez! Oyez, oyez!"  This is the signal for our surprising “Automates Musiciens” mechanical musicians to appear at the windows and begin playing their catchy melodies. You’ll be able to watch this funny musical interlude from the central village square, a stone’s throw from the entrance to Puy du Fou. Around the 20th century merry-go-round, these songs will make the whole family want to get up and dance!

7 minutes
Schedules for the show:
- Sunday 19 September 2021
- 09h45 - 11h00 - 12h30 - 15h15 - 18h00 - 19h15
For families

Authentic decoration inspired by the last century

The “Automates Musiciens” show comes to you from one of our incredible period villages: the “Bourg 1900”. This iconic place of Puy du Fou is just near the entrance, and you’ll be transported into the "Belle Epoque”, thanks to the authentic details of the decoration. The architecture is inspired by the Art Nouveau style and the charming shops will certainly whisk you away into the past! Whether you are just strolling around or doing a spot of shopping, you’ll most certainly run into our rural guard, who often ventures into the shops to meet some of the more inquisitive visitors!

An iconic rural guard

When he arrives in the “Bourg 1900”, you can’t miss him! Our friendly rural guard makes an appearance at the square up to 7 times a day, and stands in front of the crowds to shout “Oyez, oyez!” All the visitors there at the time are surprised by this charming town crier in typical period clothing!

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