Le Ballet des Sapeurs

Le Ballet des Sapeurs

Come and meet our young actors from the “Bourg Bérard”, and follow them on their quest in this lively and dazzling show!
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Overlooking the “Bourg Bérard”, on the metal bridge, the locals of the village scramble to put out the fire after the engine of a vehicle literally exploded. The worried driver calls for help and the emergency services rush to the scene. And so begins an energetic and frantic ballet between the firemen, rural guard, gardener, waiters from the Bistrot and a whole host of other characters! Despite all their efforts, only the light and delicate breath of the beautiful Céline will be able to tame the fire.

An original and good-humoured show

For the first time at Puy du Fou, a show is inspired by the world of musicals and silent films, with an emphasis on humour. The young actors and dancers perform to a jazzy musical composition inspired by a big band of the 1930s. The whole family will enjoy this light-hearted, vibrant show, inspired by children’s imagination. The costumes and accessories were made by Puy du Fou’s costume designers, and the choreography will transport you into the last century, for an unforgettable experience!

A comedy performed by children

“Le Ballet des Sapeurs” is the first show performed only by children from the Puy du Fou Academy, the Puy du Fou school of art and study. A performance by children entails a special kind of playwriting, staging and choreography. The young actors bring a certain freshness and energy to this explosive show!

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