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How can I visit Puy du Fou in 1 day?

How can I visit Puy du Fou in 1 day?

You can certainly spend just one day visiting Puy du Fou, and it will make for an enchanting day out. However, bear in mind that you will need to be organised and unfortunately you won’t have time to see everything; you need at least 2 days to enjoy all the shows, adventures and villages. Still, if you optimise your schedule and plan far enough ahead of your visit, the “Best Park in the World” promises an unforgettable day out, full of emotion and fabulous experiences – lucky you!

"Le Secret de la Lance" show at Puy du Fou

How should I organise my day at Puy du Fou? 

First of all, it’s important to plan your visit carefully and make the most of your time at the park. Puy du Fou adjusts the number of shows on a daily basis according to the weather and visitor numbers. The schedule for the day is available on our website the night before, or in our mobile app. When you arrive in the morning, you can also pick up a map of the park, available on a self-service basis, and the timetable for the main shows. With this handy service, you’ll be able to plan your day, taking account of the time it takes to go from one show to another, favouring performances that are close to each other and thus avoiding going back and forth unnecessarily.

The Puy du Fou mobile app also offers a free live translation service for all the shows into English (and 3 other languages): audio or subtitles, just choose the option that suits you best! 

You can also use a schedule generator which will organise your day for you according to the experiences you are interested in. It’s a unique travelling companion that’s essential for a successful day at Puy du Fou.

Plan your visit at Puy du Fou

What can I do in one day at Puy du Fou?

To access the park quickly and enjoy the first shows of the day, we recommend arriving early, between 9am and 9.30am. To get the most from the experience and make it an unforgettable day out, you should ideally stay until closing time, or even nightfall (in the ”Noces de Feu” period)* in order to attend the enchanting “Noces de Feu” night show (voted Best Live Entertainment 2020), included in the ticket for the park.

Watch spectacular performances, go on immersive adventures, stroll around period villages, step through the doors of art and craft studios… Unfortunately, in just one day, you won’t have time for all the surprises and discoveries in the park’s 500 acres. So you will need to prioritise the unmissable shows at Puy du Fou and select the ones you really want to see! How many shows can you see in a day? Ideally, if you want to take your time and make the most of all the different atmospheres that will transport you on a journey through time, we recommend aiming to see about 5 main performances on the day.

Bear in mind that it’s best to arrive at the stands for our shows as soon as they open, in other words 30 minutes before the start of the performance. To save time and make the most of the day, visitors can book a “Pass Émotion”. This gives you preferred seating at the 7 main shows at Puy du Fou, and you can arrive up to 10 minutes before the start of the performance. There is a limit on the number of these passes issued. So we strongly recommend booking them at the same time as your tickets.

"Le Dernier Panache" show at Puy du Fou

For lunch or dinner, there is a large and varied selection of restaurants. If you’re in a hurry, choose from one of a dozen food stands that do takeaway. A “Click & Collect” service is available from the Puy du Fou app. Smart! That way, you can order your meal while you’re waiting for a show to start and collect it when you come out. The buffet options at other restaurants are also a good solution, offering fast service and good quality food. It’s best to make a reservation so you can benefit from a special discounted price (up to 72 hours before your visit);

Finally, for those who hold a Puy du Fou 1-day ticket and would like to prolong the experience, you can still change the length of the ticket when you arrive at the park by going directly to the ticket office (please note, a ticket cannot be changed after it has been scanned). That way you can turn this enchanting one-day trip into a real time-travelling break!

"Les Noces de Feu" night show at Puy du Fou

5 tips to remember to make the most of your day at Puy du Fou


  • Download the Puy du Fou mobile app to benefit from a live translation of all the shows (remember to bring your headphones) 

  • Plan your schedule ahead of time, taking account of how long it will take to travel between the various shows, making sure you arrive 30 minutes before the start of the performances, or use the schedule generator in the mobile app.

  • Arrange to arrive at Puy du Fou as soon as it opens, between 9am and 9.30am, to enjoy the first shows of the day,

  • Schedule 5 main shows during the day so you also have time to enjoy the atmosphere of the period villages, the natural environment and the immersive creations,

  • Book a “Pass Émotion” to save precious time and get a front row seat at the shows. 

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