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Le concept du Puy du Fou

Our concept

Visitors to Puy du Fou forget all about the 21st century. Whether they come for the day or stay overnight, visitors set off on a fantastic journey through time, free to choose their own period of history, shows and food.
Des moments inoubliables


A visit to Puy du Fou promises exciting experiences families will never forget. People flock to Puy du Fou from all over the world to experience its universal values and emotions, which touch the hearts of visitors of all ages.

Le parc de l'émotion


With their fast-paced action and spectacular special effects, our shows are designed to be like live movies. Emotional impact is always central to the Puy du Fou concept. Visitors must be drawn in to the poetry of a text, the beauty of a gesture, the purity of a piece of music, and so on.

Une émotion unique


It takes only a second to create this unique and thrilling feeling! The team at Puy du Fou is always looking to create just the right atmosphere. The aim is to touch the hearts of the audience and turn a show into an unforgettable experience. Whether the audience bursts out laughing, jumps out of their skin in fright, or has tears running down their cheeks, every emotion is present at Puy du Fou.

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