Les Jets Sauteurs

Les Jets Sauteurs

Will you be able to capture the moment and grab one of the jumping water jets before they disappear?
For families
For children

Close to Puy du Fou’s old lake, right at the heart of the park, the “Jets Sauteurs” (Jumping Jets) is an activity for the family, as you take a break between two great shows. Try and grab of one these water jets before it disappears into the well! Enjoy this refreshing activity and get some much-appreciated shade from the warm summer sun. The whole family will have fun here, older members will awaken their inner child!

A whole world just for children

The “Jets Sauteurs” can be found right in the middle of a world designed for our youngest visitors. Nearby, young children can also have some fun inside the “Repaire des Enfants”, and imagine they are knights or princesses inside this miniature wooden castle. While your children are playing inside their own special area, you can also treat yourself to an exploration of the wonderful scents in “La Roseraie” and discover the hundreds of flowers there. If you prefer some quality time as a family, take a stroll in the “Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine” and discover a fun and fantastic world!

The children’s favourite destination

Among the most popular questions we get asked, “What is there at Puy du Fou?” is in the top 5! You’ll find some breath-taking shows, with special effects that are worthy of the great Hollywood films. The stories told have deliberately been simplified and romanticized so that even the youngest of spectators can relate to the intrigue and highlights of the period depicted on stage.

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