Les Grandes Eaux

Les Grandes Eaux

You are the special guests of the famous composer Jaean-Baptiste Lully, chosen to come and revisit the golden age of Versailles!

Take your seat around the old Puy du Fou lake, for a poetic and refreshing experience! Just imagine stepping into the past and finding yourself in the 17th century... Here you are in a grove of the Château of Versailles, listening to the royal family’s musical maestro perform! Lully, the famous composer and violinist will whisk you away to a world of melodies and full of emotions. To accompany the music, huge jets of water rise from the depths of the lake. Enjoy this fantastic aquatic and poetic ballet!

For families

A fun and refreshing show

“Les Grandes Eaux” is a show that is suitable for the whole family. Children and adults alike will be amazed by the huge jets of water rising from the lake, to the soft melodies of this 17th century composer! At the end of the performance, it’s over to you! Around the lake, you’ll find some “Orgues Aquatiques”, and the whole family can enjoy playing these instruments. The little Baroque-style pianos, positioned near the stands, mean that everyone can then create their own ballet to the rhythm of the water jets! Just press the keys and you too can compose your own show!

A brand-new magical evening experience

When the sun goes down, the old Puy du Fou lake is transformed! The refreshing magic of the “Grandes Eaux” is transformed into a night-time dream, with the “Les Noces du Feu” show. A soft melody can be heard and the most romantic of weddings rises from the depths of the lake!

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