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Le Village XVIIIème

Venture into the heart of this authentic village from the 18th century, where a surprise awaits you inside every house!

While you’re exploring Puy du Fou, take a well-deserved break and relax in this charming village, where time seemingly stands still. Wander as you please along the narrow streets and explore the vegetable garden, the wash-house and the authentic barn. Get ready for a real journey through time, thanks to the tiled roofs, stone buildings, typical stores and vegetable garden full of aromatic and medicinal plants! You can even watch the surprising “Grand Carillon” concert, by the 16-metre-high Carillon that towers over the village!

For families

The know-how of our craftspeople

In each charming house you’ll have the opportunity to meet our craftspeople, each with unique know-how! As you stroll around, you’ll learn about the work of our illuminator, who decorates and illustrates text onto scrolls; our blacksmith who works iron to make weapons and knives; and our basket maker, who works with wicker using techniques that have remained unchanged throughout the centuries. Venture inside the “Maison des Senteurs”, and admire the products made by our creators of scents, before meeting the clog maker, bookbinder and gilder, saddler and harness-maker or earthenware maker.

Where can we eat in the "Village XVIIIème”?

If you would like to stay here a while longer, book a meal in one of the restaurants inside the “Village XVIIIème”! “La Maison du Préfou” to taste some delicious local specialities from Vendée, “l'Auberge” for a spot of fine-dining or “Le Relais de Poste”, one of our restaurants with entertainment. The choice is yours!

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