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Period Villages

Le Fort de l'An Mil

Treat yourself to a relaxing walk around the huts of this peaceful village inspired by the first millennium!

Come into the authentic set of the “Vikings” show and you’ll see a real little hamlet with thatched roofs, inspired by the time of the first millennium! After having seen the attack of the terrible warriors of the north in the show next door, come into a more relaxing atmosphere within this village surrounded by nature. Stroll around the different huts and learn about how the villagers lived at this time. You can also meet our craftspeople in their workshops and see how they worked in the bloomery, finery forge and how blacksmiths used a currying anvil.

For families

The know-how of our craftspeople

In this historical village, you can admire the strength of the blacksmith as he beats the iron, and the precision of the swordsmith. Our craftspeople have some unique know-how and they’ll show you their techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries. You can see the collection of knives, swords, swords for combat and hunting daggers made by our knifemaker and blacksmith. Thanks to his complete control of the fire, his precision and steady movements, he makes some unique objects. You could leave Puy du Fou with a very original souvenir!

A gourmet break at the “Fort de l’An Mil”

If you would like to stay in the atmosphere of the Vikings, even while you have lunch, come to our new restaurant, “Le Chaudron”. You can choose from the different fast-food options for adults and children, and enjoy a quick bite to eat in this original setting!

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