A pluma y espada


 A fictional swash-buckling adventure that evokes glorious Golden Age

Toledo’s Golden Age dazzles with a thousand shining lights. Tonight, the opening performance of a new comedy takes place in the Mesón de la Fruta, the open-air theatre and pride and joy of Toledo. Meanwhile, Fuente Ovejuna, the latest work by playwright Fernán Gomez, is being staged at the same time by the Mayor of Toledo.

30 min
For Families

 A real adventure and an inspiration for the next play.

 But things do not turn out as expected. It seems that the real author of the play is not who he says he is... the ingenious, impetuous, and impassive Lope de Vega comes to recover what is rightfully his: The Mayor has stolen his play. Lope de Vega (nicknamed ‘The Phoenix of the Wits’) cares little about the theft but the argumentative novelist cannot allow his girlfriend Laurencia, nor the king’s life, to be attacked.


 Duels, plots and even a love story!

Follow the adventures of this exuberant swordsman, from his battle on Toledo’s rooftops with the Mayor’s soldiers, to his appearance before the King when he reveals the conspiracy threatening his Majesty’s life, and to epic scenes involving the Great Army.