Cetrería de Reyes


 Hundreds of majestic birds in flight above your head!

The year is 939, the great age of the Caliphate of Cordoba. It is just weeks since the troops of Caliph Abderraman III, the Magnificent, were defeated by the Christian princes of the North in the great battle of Simancas. Before returning with his entire court to his residence in Cordoba, Abderraman proposed a truce to the Christians.

30 min
For Families

 A battle without weapons: The duel of the the birds of prey

Count Fernán González of Castile accepts the truce and gives the Caliph a royal eagle as a sign of peace. In response, the Falconer Caliph displays his goshawks. The weapon-free battle commences and the duel of the birds of prey takes to the skies, combining two great falconry traditions: the great high-flying falconry of the Arab Caliphs, and the Roman-Visigoth falconry of the Christian princes.


 A one-of-a-kind- aerial dance

Abderraman and his guest compete in a dazzling aerial display until the show’s glorious finale when the wedding celebrations of the young prince take place under a sky teeming with the great white birds of the Guadalquivir and the Ebro.