Discover the glorious exploits of Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, Cid Campeador!

In the recently conquered Castile of the 11th century, cultures, wars, and loyalties are crossed. Find out about the life of this exceptional Castlilian knight, a man standing on the border and a courageous warrior - who sacrifices everything for his honour.

30 min
For Families

 Thrill to the adventures of this noble knight

Discover how he tames his horse Babieca to the sound of his flute, he fights and does justice. See how his whole life is guided by the vows he made in his youth: to serve justice and render mercy.

 A unique staging in the world

 In an extraordinary theatre, live and feel the feats of a gentleman who gave all for his honour: it is the last song of Don Rodrigo Díaz de vivar, Cid and Campeador.