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Use it as a complement to the visitor's guide that you will receive when you enter to Puy du Fou España. Find the day's programme, check the opening times of each show, consult the interactive map to move around and locate the shows, the Period Villages, the Taverns and Pubs, the Stalls and all the services available so you won't miss a thing.


  • Organise your visit: Find the programme of the day 48 hours before your visit, and make sure you don't miss anything. 
  • Find the best way to reach Puy du Fou España: The app will let you know your location within the park and will show you the route to the place you want to go to, as well as the real distance you will have to travel.
  • Find the services closest to your location: to make your choice easier, it classifies shows, restaurants and even services by distance.
  • Choose what and where to eat: Check out the culinary offer of our Cañas and Tapas stalls and our Taverns and Pubs.
  • Enjoy the simultaneous translation of "El Sueño de Toledo": both in French and English, as well as our audio description service.


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