Immersive Show


The Santa Maria awaits the conquerors of the New World.

Granada was now Christian and Christopher Columbus' last meeting with Queen Isabel took an unexpected turn. Castile would pay for the adventurous expedition. The caravel Santa María awaits docked in the port of Palos. The mission is to unite east by west. Cathay and Zipango await. A New World to discover.

25 min
For Families

Fascinating special effects to experience the sensations of the high seas.

Wander round the port of Palos and experience the hustle and bustle of the final preparations for the expedition. Alongside the crew, board the ship and set sail! Walk through one cabin after another, following the spirit of the expedition that led a handful of men to the great discovery on 12th.

Experience the great feat that brought "Allende la Mar Océana" to Spain.

After a farewell in Andalucía and a first stop in the Canary Islands, travel through an unexplored sea towards the west, in a journey full of great hopes, storms and doubts ...until you hear the long-awaited word - "LAND!"