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Weather at Puy du Fou

Weather at Puy du Fou

Are you planning your visit and wondering about the weather at Puy du Fou! No need to worry! All our shows carry on whatever the weather: come rain or shine, you can enjoy all the shows and activities at Puy du Fou.


Weather at Puy du Fou - Forecast

"What's the weather forecast for Puy du Fou?" must be in our top 5 most frequently asked questions! Is your trip approaching? Want to see our list of top tips to be ready for Puy du Fou, whatever the weather? To see the weather forecast for Les Epesses (in Vendée) and be well-prepared for your trip to Puy du Fou, check out our free weather channel above.

Visiting Puy du Fou while raining

Visiting Puy du Fou when it's raining

All the shows offered to our visitors are designed to be performed whatever the weather at Puy du Fou. They will take place even when it's raining or cold. There are also many indoor shows, like "Mousquetaire de Richelieu", "Le Mystère de la Pérouse", "Le Premier Royaume", "La Renaissance du Château", "Les Amoureux de Verdun" or "Le Dernier Panache", where you can shelter from bad weather or heat. You also enjoy take a break and enjoy delicious food at one of our restaurants, to come in from the rain and warm up!


Visiting Puy du Fou when it's sunny

Visiting Puy du Fou when it's sunny

When the temperature rises at Puy du Fou, you will need to take the usual precautions, but if you want to avoid the heat, our ancient forest is a wonderful place to go. You may also appreciate the cool mists produced by the giant sprinklers in our various themed worlds, shaded areas and air-conditioned theatres. Thanks to its mild climate, Puy du Fou is surrounded by amazing greenery, and its nature paths are ideal for visitors wanting to cool off in hot weather. And to help you stay hydrated, our restaurants and takeaways sell cold drinks at any time of day!


Weather Puy du Fou

The Big Day: Make sure you're equipped for the weather

Puy du Fou opens at 9.15 am. So we recommend arriving by then to make the most of your visit. That way, on very sunny days, you can plan to alternate between outdoor shows and indoor performances which will give you a chance to cool off. Also remember to come fully equipped: caps, hats and sunscreen will be essential in very hot weather, whereas an anorak may be needed if the sky turns grey. So dress for the climate in comfortable clothing and choose your most appropriate footwear. Time travel sometimes takes a bit of effort!


April May Puy du Fou

The best times of year to come to Puy du Fou

It's always a good time to come to Puy du Fou! Each month has something special about it, and it's up to you to choose the right time to make the most of your visit and have your ideal Puy du Fou experience.

  • The first months of the season, April and May, are perfect for nature-lovers! The sun comes back and the temperature starts to rise. The weather is increasingly pleasant, usually sunny and mild (despite a few showers). This is when the "Vallée Fleurie" and "La Roseraie" are at their most colourful. A wander along the paths of the park in spring is a real breath of fresh air! In the morning, temperatures can still be chilly, but in the afternoon, it's not uncommon for the thermometer to reach 16°C (April) and 20°C (May). Perfect for a leisurely stroll!
  • The summer period (June, July and August) is definitely the most popular. The days are longer and the temperatures climb up to 30°C (or even higher sometimes). Rain is very unlikely to disrupt your schedule. It's simply the ideal period to alternate between outdoor shows and immersive experiences in a cool indoor environment! Make sure you bring sunscreen, caps and bottles of water, so you can safely enjoy the heat on the grandstands at some of the outdoor shows. At the end of the day, you'll find the sunsets are simply magnificent if you take the time to stop for a while on the path to the Gallo-Roman Stadium, in our period villages or at the edge of our ancient forest.
  • And for those of you who prefer a more peaceful experience, the months of September, October or November will be the ideal alternative times to explore Puy du Fou serenely! After the busy season is over, enjoy the calm atmosphere and the autumnal colours along the parks' paths. The temperatures start to cool down and the sun is less constant but Puy du Fou is lovely in autumn, with an Indian summer enhanced by an unspoilt natural environment.


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