Le Mime et L'Etoile

Le Mime et L'Etoile

Discover the new Puy du Fou show "Le Mime et l'Étoile", voted "Best Show in the World" in Los Angeles in 2024.
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En famille
28 minutes

It is 1914 and visitors are invited to watch, in silence, the shooting of a brand new film featuring Garance, the rising star of the 7th art, and Mimoza, the young dreamy mime. On the set, director Gérard Bideau hopes to make his dream come true... He is indeed convinced that only a sincere love will be able to offer color and sound to silent and black and white cinema.

In front of the director's camera, Mimoza draws from his childhood dreams a thousand tricks and illusions to impress the one who has already won his heart. But the filming is suddenly interrupted by a dramatic event that disrupts the life of the young gypsy, upsets Garance's budding feelings and destroys all the director's hopes...

La Belle Epoque in the spotlight

Just a stone's throw from Bourg Bérard, Puy du Fou celebrates, with this new great show, the carefree spirit of the Belle Epoque and pays tribute to the beginnings of the 7th art. The time when the first directors were true explorers, the golden age of the gypsy circus and illusionists, an enchanted parenthesis of our History suspended in eternity like a childhood memory.


Le Mime et l'Etoile

A scenographic revolution

A scenographic revolution The latest addition to the Puy du Fou shows, "The Mime and the Star" is the fruit of 45 years of creative experience. Through its sets, mobile props, hundreds of costumes and stage effects, this ambitious and spectacular creation recreates the exact aesthetics of a period film in black and white, without filters or artifices between the spectator's eye and the stage, with real characters in real settings.

To take the spectator into a giant tracking shot, like that of a movie camera, Puy du Fou has achieved a new technical and artistic feat. In front of the director's camera, everything starts to move. The facades of the houses and storefronts of a typical Belle Epoque street parade in real life before a captivated audience, while the 120 characters of the story evolve on a moving floor reinforcing the illusion of a travelling shot of nearly 2 kilometers!

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