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Préparer votre visite au puy du fou

Plan your visit to Puy du Fou

Have you ever in your life met a Viking, a Musketeer and a Roman on the same day?

During your visit

Have you ever in your life met a Viking, a Musketeer and a Roman on the same day?

Puy du Fou opens at 9.15 am. So we recommend arriving by then to make the most of your visit.

That way, on very sunny days, you can plan to alternate between outdoor shows and indoor performances which will give you a chance to cool off.

Also remember to come fully equipped: caps, hats and sunscreen will be essential in very hot weather, whereas an anorak may be needed if the sky turns grey.

So dress for the climate in comfortable clothing and choose your most appropriate footwear. Time travel sometimes takes a bit of effort!

météo puy du fou

During a visit to the Puy du Fou, it is formally forbidden to bring weapons of any kind, dangerous or illicit objects or products (any object with a sharp blade, knives, cutters, bombs, explosives, scissors, aerosols/gas) as well as drugs and alcoholic drinks.

In order to respect the musical works, the work of our talents, the serenity of our animals, as well as the well-being of our visitors, it is also forbidden to bring a nomadic loudspeaker on the Park.

We also advise you to limit your personal belongings, bags and luggage, in order to access the Puy du Fou more quickly. Temporary outings are authorised throughout the day.

equipe accueil puy du fou

Our team

Always available to help, advise and accompany you during your visit. Don't hesitate to approach them with any questions or enquiries, we are here to help throughout the Park and at all its shows. You can also see all our vacancies if you would like to join our team at Puy du Fou

Apply at

La Colporteuse


A little train named "Colporteuse" is available to help you travel around Puy du Fou.

People with disabilities are given priority to use this service. This little train stops around every 20 to 30 minutes at the various stations in Puy du Fou.

Please note, this service cannot accommodate electric wheelchairs or pushchairs.



colporteuse puy du fou
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