Toledan delicacies to fill the stomach and gladden the heart.

Reservations available: INDOOR / OUTDOOR

Table service.
Local food cooked according to traditional recipes. Authentic regional delicacies to fill the stomach and gladden the heart. The most famous inn in the outskirts of Toledo.

*Book your table at Mesón del Buen Yantar for 12€/person.

The restaurant's menu


  • Maestre's salad - Caesar salad with crispy chicken, lettuce hearts and parmesan cheese shavings
  • Mercader's salad - Pomegranate, dried fruit and orange vinaigrette salad
  • Huerta del rey salad - Partridge, pomegranate, dried fruit and orange vinaigrette salad
  • Peppers from 'el hortelano' - Oven-roasted red peppers with egg and Iberian ham
  • El Almotacén platter - Cheeses, cold meats and pâtés


  • Doña Hurraca's sautéed vegetables - Sautéed vegetables, tofu, green asparagus and garlic shoots
  • Alfonsina pork cheek - Iberian pork cheeks with rosemary potato parmentier
  • Berenguela delight - Cod with roasted garlic cream and sautéed potatoes
  • Fernandino lamb - Wood-fired lamb in its own juices
  • Isabelline veal chop - Grilled veal chop with roast potato and padron


  • Treasure of the sacristán - Torrija with vanilla ice cream
  • Vicario's cake - Cheesecake with berries
  • Cabildo salad - Seasonal fruit salad with mandarin sorbet
  • Benedictine Caprice -  Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream
  • Abbess's custard - Caramelised mango custard

Children's menu Small Buen Yantar

Drink included
Main course and dessert​


  • Pasta with tomato and crispy chicken strips


  • Chocolate mousse 

Drink: Water


Periodic opening - Consult us
Meals: 12:30h to 17:30h
Dinners on El Sueño de Toledo nights: 19:00h to 22:00h

In case of delay, you may not be allowed entry and your reservation will be reassigned to any other Puy du Fou Spain catering point.

* The price of the reservation (12€/person) will be deducted from the final purchase ticket.
* Children up to 13 years of age on presentation of proof. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
* We reserve the right to change the menus and opening hours without prior notice. You can consult all the general conditions of the service at www.puydufou.com