Period Villages


The lavish camp of the great caliph of Al-Ándalus.

The Campaign of Omnipotence has failed, but the glory of Cordoba remains intact. Even after the defeat, the military camp of the great Caliph Abderraman III was still on the Castilian plateau. The Umayyad leader did not renounce the luxuries of the palace and the essence of Medina Azahara can be perceived among the marquees and tents.

For Families

Marvel at the skill of our master craftsmen

Wander amongst the tents, watch the different tradesmen at work and find out about daily life in an authentic Moorish camp.

Experience the flavours of the orient

Breathe in the sweet smell of honey and almonds and taste food from the great Umayyad dynasty in El Alatar de La Favorita.