Puebla Real
Period Villages


Walk around "La Puebla Real" and enjoy the secrets that this century hides.

"La Puebla Real" was founded by Sancho III, "The Desired", the King of Castile, after setting up camp here en route for Toledo. Step into the 13th century, wander through the narrow alleyways and watch traditional craftsmen including embroiderers and potters at work.

For Families

A village dedicated to the craftsmen

Stone walls and old wood, arched doors and old roofs, in "La Puebla Real" you can find the best craftsmen of the city: damascene makers, embroiderers or potters, among others; besides other premises like "The House of the Jew" or "The Hall of Arms".

A stop in the gastronomy of the Middle Ages

Characters such as Tuerto Miguel, who pours out the best wines in the area in his "Bodeguita", or María del Valle, who serves the most exquisite Castilian dishes to be tasted in her "Mesón del Buen Yantar", will welcome you to this unique enclave.