Los Veteranos de Lepanto - Puy du Fou España


Any excuse is a good one to remember the greatest occasion the centuries have seen.

Miguel de Diego is looking for actors for a play at the Corral de Comedias and nothing escapes his eye; because he is one-eyed. Francisco Rodríguez wants to forget about his bad leg and is eager to take the leap to the stage, even if he is lame. Two unusual characters who are much more than they both seem.

10 min
For Families

Chance brings together two old friends

A cabin boy in Tripoli, a slave in Istanbul and a sailor for Álvaro de Bazán. Not everyone can boast of having been in the glorious battle of Lepanto and being alive to tell the tale. Memories of pain, captivity and surprise in the face of Ottoman power, but also of pride, courage and victory after a real storm of blood and fire. Chance brings together two old friends to whom one can only take one's hat off.