Hotels in Toledo and surroundings

At Puy du Fou EspaƱa we have made a selection of the best hotels in and around Toledo for our visitors, offering a wide range of possibilities to suit your needs. These hotels offer a wide range of high quality services for anyone who wants to complement the incredible experience of visiting Puy du Fou Spain and extend their journey through time. This carefully selected selection of hotels will provide the visitor with all the comfort needed to rest from the excitement of the trip, after an incredible day at the park or enjoying a magical night at the night show El SueƱo de Toledo.
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The best hotels in and around Toledo for Puy du Fou EspaƱa

Puy du Fou EspaƱa's partner hotels are close to our park's facilities, allowing visitors to avoid wasting their time travelling. They will also be able to visit other areas of interest, as well as getting to know the culture and gastronomy of Toledo. By choosing to stay in one of our partner hotels, the entrance to the park is included in the reservation, so you will avoid having to make several payments. Our aim is to provide visitors with the greatest comfort so that all they have to worry about is enjoying themselves and being amazed by the history of our park. Below you will find all the collaborating hotels and their main characteristics.

Four and five star hotels

Our selection of collaborating accommodation includes four and five star hotels, located in privileged areas of Toledo and the surrounding area, which allow you to combine your visit to the Park with an in-depth knowledge of the streets, history and gastronomy that the city has to offer.

Hotels in Madrid in collaboration with Puy du Fou EspaƱa

If you visit Madrid, don't miss the opportunity to visit Puy du Fou EspaƱa. We have selected the best accommodation in the capital in privileged locations with easy access to the Madrid airport, other infrastructures and transport links to the Puy du Fou EspaƱa Park. Our aim is that no one misses the opportunity to travel through the centuries. History awaits you.