Sustainable development

developpement durable – Puy du Fou

Since its creation, Puy du Fou has made respect for the environment and the protection of nature a priority. In order to continue its commitment, a comprehensive approach to sustainable development has been put in place.

Puy du Fou has held the tourism and travel industry’s Green Globe certification since 2012. This international certification covers the three pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: environmental, economic and social sustainability. Ranked in the top 15 tourist attractions in France, Puy du Fou was the first to be awarded this certification, in recognition of its commitment to sustainable development.

developpement durable – Puy du Fou

As part of its environmental approach, Puy du Fou promises to respect all legal and regulatory requirements. This is based on 5 main principles:

  • To manage our waste by increasing the proportion of waste that is recycled.
  • To manage our energy consumption by using new, more energy efficient equipment.
  • To conserve water by controlling drinking water use with new, more efficient equipment and also by ensuring the optimal treatment of waste water.
  • To protect biodiversity through internal programmes in the park, and also through national and international wildlife and habitat conservation programmes.
  • To raise awareness of nature conservation among visitors and employees.
developpement durable – Puy du Fou

In order to facilitate its commitment to sustainable development, Puy du Fou works with all its teams, partners and suppliers to conserve nature.

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