Multi-risk Insurance - COVID-19

Covid-19 is covered by multi-risk insurance

Enhanced cover for peace of mind when booking your trip.


Before you set off:
If you are unable to travel due to a traveller or relative contracting an epidemic-related disease including COVID-19, cancellation or changes to your booking are covered.


During your stay: 
In the event of you or a travelling companion contracting an epidemic disease including COVID-19, you are covered.

•    You receive medical assistance 
•    Coverage for medical bills 
•    If your trip is interrupted, receive a refund for services not used 
•    Coverage for early or postponed return travel 
•    If you are required to quarantine for a fortnight near your intended destination, your expenses are refunded up to €150 per person for 14 days

 Don't delay, take out our Multi-risk insurance* (cancellation & trip interruption) when you make your booking. 
*  According to applicable general terms and conditions.


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