La Prairie des Animaux

Come and meet the 1,500 animals at Puy du Fou, that live in a 60-hectare preserved natural environment!

Puy du Fou forest is a refuge for over 1,500 animals. Rabbits, fallow deer, Poitou donkeys, sheep, pigs and geese roam the natural habitats of the Grand Parc. Between two shows, come and enjoy a relaxing walk through this natural area and meet some of our many animals. As well as the hawks, horses and other more exotic animals in our shows, we also welcome a great number of animals, with more than 120 different species. As a family, come and meet these animals and explore their natural habitat!

For families

The Animal Conservation Area

A number of the animals living at Puy du Fou are endangered species. In an effort to protect our natural heritage, our teams are involved in conservation programmes to help endangered species and their natural habitat. This is the case for the Poitou donkey, the Belle-Ile sheep or the Bayeux pig for example. Our farms and prairies are also a real sanctuary for some ancient breeds. As you walk around “La Prairie des Animaux”, you’ll most certainly encounter some of these animals, for a wonderful experience as a family!

A team available for you

If you would like to find out more about how our animals live on a daily basis and about the conservation programmes at Puy du Fou, come and see our teams! All day long, you’ll surely run into them at the “Prairie des Animaux” and the farm in the “Village XVIIIème”, so you can ask your questions.

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