Sueños de un Ángel Pícaro

Sueños de un Ángel Pícaro

The Belén told by a very funny celestial Herald.

The angel Carrillos is in charge of blowing the trumpet in the sky, every time the the good God is happy. And as that night he had never been so happy, the good God... pachasco! He is going to be a daddy at any moment! The angel, who saw it best, wants to tell you how it happened.

20 min
For Families

The story of the angel comes to life

That night, on the 24th of December, the thunderstorm was blowing. No one and no living soul was outside except those two, who were on their way from Nazareth to Belén, and she who was about to give birth. 

With the angel's story the facts come to life: the birth of the child God and all the miracles that changed the hearts of the inhabitants of Belén who turned a procuress into a lady of charity and a thief into an honest man.