Our expertise

More than an economic success or a human achievement, Puy du Fou is an extraordinary artistic adventure.

On a daily basis, our artists and designers strive to share our passion. At the heart of any all-consuming passion is a search for aesthetic beauty. Like the great fashion houses, the team at Puy du Fou considers each project to be a work of art. The greatest attention is paid to the smallest details, and the highest standards are maintained in order to achieve the desired level of excellence.


Created in France in 1977, Puy du Fou is a new generation of theme parks that showcases History via spectacular and moving shows. Fully staged productions, soundtracks packed with special effects...everything is dreamt up by the teams of Puy du Fou to guarantee an original and harmonious experience. A creative Franco-Spanish team, composed specifically for the project, has been working on devising some show-stopping Spanish spectaculars for the past two years.


At Puy du Fou, more than 100 trades are brought together to work on the design of our shows. Screenwriters, designers, costumiers, animal trainers, stuntmen, technicians and gardeners (among others), all pool their expertise and skills to create new spectacles.


Today, Puy du Fou has a wide range of experienced and leading experts in all fields. They conceive, design, create, direct and produce each new creation from start to finish. Trained at Puy du Fou, our specialists bring our stories to life and make the craziest challenges possible.


Voted « Best Park in the World » on 2 occasions, Puy du Fou has won 6 international awards in 6 years for the quality of its shows. This unique artistic concept has been massively successful and is the top-rated park in Europe on TripAdvisor (as voted by visitors themselves).