El Vagar de los Siglos


The passage of time can do everything and the Alijares have been silent witnesses of many stories. If you listen carefully you can still hear the echoes of some of them.

Stranger, thousands of footsteps have stood on this hard earth before you. Rocks, stones and holm oaks have seen kingdoms rise and fall.

For Families

Lepanto, Numancia and ther War of Independence

Two old friends meet again at the door of the Corral de Comedias. Both fought in Lepanto, they are true war veterans. They reminisce about those hard times before they hit the road again. Further on, a warrior builds a wall with his own hands. He is a survivor of Numancia. Maria de Prado also knows a lot about war. She carries heavy sacks of flour, but in the past she was forced to take up her sword. Anonymous stories of Spain's great deeds. 

Penitent pilgrims and a strident watchman

Gregorio Bartolomé Hidalgo de la Hidalguía, alguacil de la muy leal y fiel y bendita y mariana Puebla Real, se encarga de pregonar con corneta y atabales y hacer cumplir los fueros de la tierra. Solemne y augusto lee los edictos, anuncia noticias del reino y da todo tipo de explicaciones. Pero eso sí, siempre que puedas seguirlo… porque a veces no es muy claro.