El Pregón de Villanueva - Puy du Fou España


The news of the Kingdom is told with a bugle and drum.

The edicts of the Council are loudly and solemnly proclaimed in the streets of the town. They confirm the customs and privileges granted in the time of Alfonso 'the Brave', ratified by the wise king and preserved by Felipe 'the Prudent'. He who has ears, let him hear!

10 min
For Families

Comply with the edicts, traveller.

Gregorio Bartolomé Hidalgo de la Hidalguía, bailiff of the very faithful, heroic, blessed and Marian Villanueva del Corral, is in charge of proclaiming and enforcing the land's laws. Solemn and august, he reads the edicts, announces news of the Empire and gives all kinds of explanations. But that is, if you can follow him... because sometimes he is not very clear. He warns about strange devil's boxes, clarifies the order of words and defends animal inclusion in these times of universal concord in the face of all beasts. Don't be a donkey, listen so you can chirp it later.