Take a rest from the journey and continue your path. Meat and wine for the pilgrim.

Reservations available: INDOOR / OUTDOOR

Food line.
With bread and wine you walk the road. Take a rest from the journey and follow your destination. Rodrigo Ordóñez looks after the guest house in Puebla Real while waiting for new pilgrims. A place to rest the fatigue of the day and regain strength with good food, meat from the herds of the area and local wine. 

Adult Menu
23 . 50
Children’s Menu
13 . 50
23 . 50

Almuerzo jacobeo

Drink included
Choice between one starter, one main course and one dessert


  • Pilgrim's Peppers - Piquillo peppers stuffed with fish and seafood
  • Black pork sausage - Black pork sausage with apple and honey
  • Camino del Norte salad - Smoked fish salad with pickles
  • Santiago's pickles - Pickle's salad ​​​


  • Pórtico de la Gloria Pork Knuckle - Galician Pork Knuckle (cabbage, potato and carrot)
  • Obispo Teodomiro's stew - Stew veal with plums and dried apricots
  • Galician hake - Hake shnitzel with stew beans in suquet with nuts
  • Algar sauté (route linking Lorca with Mora) - Sauté of vegetables, tofu, wild asparagus and tender garlic ​​


  • Santiago's cake - Santiago's cake
  • Calixtino's dessert - Rice pudding
  • Roncesvalles's salad - Seasonal fruit salad with citric soup
  • Finisterre's sweets - Dark chocolate brownie with red berries​​

Drink: Water, soft drink, beer or wine

13 . 50

Almuerzo del niño peregrino

Drink included
Main course and dessert​


  • Pasta with tomato and crispy chicken strips


  • Chocolate mousse 

Drink: Water


Periodic opening - Consult us
Meals: 12:30h to 17:30h
Dinners on El Sueño de Toledo nights: 19:00h to 22:00h

(1) Children up to 13 years of age on presentation of proof. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
(2) We reserve the right to change the menus and opening hours without prior notice. You can consult all the general conditions of the service at