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Close to the Grand Carrousel and the Bourg 1900, enjoy an unlimited cold buffet between shows.

If booked in advance
Adult Menu
90 per person.
Children’s Menu
90 per person. (1)

ADULT MENU: €16.90 if booked in advance (or €19.90 without a reservation)
Drinks not included

CHILDREN’S MENU (1): €9.90 if booked in advance (or €11.90 without a reservation)

Unlimited cold buffet


  • White haricot beans, red onion, flat-leaf parsley, shallot vinaigrette
  • Pasta with basil and black olives, tomato trio
  • Tabbouleh, piquillo peppers with garlic
  • Pasta with peppers and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Kidney beans, sweetcorn and chickpeas


  • Potatoes with onions and cocktail sauce
  • Omelette, cold tomato soup
  • Tapenade, tomato tartare


  • Roast chicken breast with preserved lemon
  • Spiced chicken drumsticks
  • Cured ham, chorizo, pork spareribs, cooked ham
  • Baked salmon terrine with aïoli


  • Farmhouse fromage blanc, apple compote
  • Apricot lattice tart*, Tarte Tropézienne*
  • Red berry mousse torte*, chocolate and almond crunch torte*
  • Gâteau minute
  • Apple and orange sauce, honey, raspberry jam

FRESHLY CUT FRUIT (melon, watermelon)

Additional charge for still and sparkling mineral water: €1.50 per person

Drink: Flavoured Volvic 33cl or Capri-Sun (20cl) for children

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